We are located within ChillRX Cryotherapy!

A place for ultimate recovery and rejuvenation. ChillRx Cryotherapy has the latest CryoScience Artic- the newest in Whole Body Cryotherapy! This unit gives you the ability to chill from head to toe for an increased Cryotherapy effect! The system uses liquid nitrogen to chill air down to -220°F so you can breathe comfortably throughout the 3 min treatment! In addition to Whole Body Cryotherapy, ChillRx Cryotherapy offers Cryofacials, Local Cryotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Normatec, ChillSulpting, ChillSkin and Sound Waves.

To learn more about ChillRX, visit their website here, give them a call at 732-945-1320, or follow them on social media platforms @chillcryoredbank.